Sound Smith Zephyr MIMC Star Issues

Re: Sound Smith Zephyr MIMC Star Issues

Postby babybird » Tue May 14, 2019 10:46 am

Thanks Golear. I've been in touch with Roy Mottram the fellow who designed this phono pre amp and he provided me with a few suggestions on things to check for. Unfortunately I am trying to get out of town today and will not have time to mess with it until the next week or so. Between him and another guy who builds these they both came to the conclusion for what ever reason the PH-16 is clipping. In hindsight a 10:1 SUT might have been more appropriate or using a cartridge with a bit less gain than the .4mV of the MIMC. For now its looking like I will most likely need to change some resistors on the main circuit board though. No big deal, just takes time and caution.

I'm sure its not a bad tube, well almost with 100% certainty. This distortion can occur in either channel or both and depending on the passage of music might go back and forth. As for the DIP switches with the SUT from all I understand it should be set as though it were a MM cartridge, ie 47K which is where its currently at.

Anyway thanks for all the input and I will report back once I've had a chance to work on it.
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Re: Sound Smith Zephyr MIMC Star Issues

Postby audiom3 » Wed May 15, 2019 11:37 am

I received mine and got it mounted up in a little over an hour. It sounds pretty good so far with no audible distortion even near the record label. I'm feeding it with 64dB of gain and 1k Ohms resistance but I will be trying 47k this weekend to see how it sounds (I prefer 47k on my MC carts but never owned a MI cart before). It is much quieter (both in the groove and gain) than my Benz Wood SL even though they are both rated at .4mV. So I suspect the Zephyr Star is putting out ~.3xx mV, assuming the paper that came with the Benz Wood is accurate in it's rating of .41mV output. But so far, I am pleased with the Zephyr Star. It's not really an 'upgrade' from the Benz Wood SL but it seems to have what I've been looking for - a little more top end sweetness. Still have about ~5% fine-tuning to do when I have time.
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