The 10th Ring of Hell... writing a Book

The 10th Ring of Hell... writing a Book

Postby Mat » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:57 pm

Hey all,

Wanted to add in this post because I know I have been more absent on all fronts than usual. Wanted to quickly post to let you all know why. First has been enjoying fatherhood. You really don't have a clue until you have your first child! I can't get enough of her! Next has been the recovery of Shirley (grandma,, and office hero). She has had a long road to recover but is finally on the positive swing. Hoping to have her in the office next week to meet all the new staff members. Speaking of staff members,, there have been a lot of positive growing pains of additional staff members who you all be hearing more about in the near future. Then there is the VPI book. I love to write (probably because I love to talk!) but it is another story when you have 40 years of rich history and only so much to focus on for one book. There has been a metamorphosis into multiple books covering different topics all important to VPI. Going through the past pictures, reviews,, letters,, everything has been one heck of a task but I think you all all soon be able to enjoy the fruits of labor!

What topics or parts of our history would you all like to hear more about or read about in either the current book or follow up?

And don't worry it won't cost an arm and a leg like some of the other company books out there. 8-)
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