Finally a Gimbal FatBoy in my friend’s HR-X

Re: Finally a Gimbal FatBoy in my friend’s HR-X

Postby 930turbo » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:41 pm

Harry wrote:Nice job 930, looks great on the HR-X. As you know, the HR-X is so good it will expand its horizon every time you change something on it to make it better.
I tell HR-X owners all the time to stay with what they have and just change the arm, there is no better turntable on the market in real terms.


Thanks for the nice words Harry . You are correct regarding the HR-X . If we were only based in the USA we could have also upgraded my friend’s super platter to the magnetic drive platter there in VPI Factory . My friend is very happy w/ his Gimbal FatBoy and until now fellow audiophiles who listen to his system prefer the sound of the HR-X over his fancy table the Kronos w/ the Kuzma 4 point / Clearaudio Goldfinger V2 . My hat’s off to you Harry !
Maybe by the middle of 2019 I can upgrade to the FatBoy as well.
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