Terrastone Platfoms

Re: Terrastone Platfoms

Postby jmcox » Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:08 pm

FYI I was also concerned (well mildly anyway) about the aesthetics of the brass with my Avenger. After discussing with Dan he's making me a set of TerraCones with nickel finish. I should receive them in a few days . . . so we'll see how they look. I'm also getting him to make up a TerraStone platform to work with the Avenger foot print.
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Re: Terrastone Platfoms

Postby Mr_Putty » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:22 am

Your mention of your house being a vibrating box reminds me of an idea I want to try. While I have a concrete floor, I have a front wall that vibrates with my A/C fan motor. I may try adding stone countertop material to the wall to dampen the vibrations. I am suggesting you do something similar where your TT mounting bracket is attached to your wall. I would add about 30 pounds to the wall studs to lower the frequency of vibrations. I can’t tell you how much improvement you will get, but I think you will be very pleased with the result.

I have a tile floor on a slab. All tiles were “back buttered”. MDF would be much easier to attach to my wall than stone or concrete stepping blocks for added mass. My Bottom TT platform is granite. Not wanting to disrupt this thread, maybe a new topic called Room Acoustics would be appropriate.
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