Is the Cliffwood Phono dual voltage? (115v & 230v)

Is the Cliffwood Phono dual voltage? (115v & 230v)

Postby sjhsnz » Tue May 15, 2018 7:20 am

Hi All... I recently picked up a Cliffwood turntable to get back into the vinyl game, and also a cheap phono stage to get me up and running (Rega Fono Mini). I've now stumbled across the Cliffwood Phono while checking out the VPI site and the brand loyal part of me is now convinced that a VPI phono stage to match my turntable is a totally sensible purchase, despite not yet having found any problems with the Rega. I see on the back of the product images that both 115V and 230V are listed, but in the specs listing it only mentions the American voltage... Are the Cliffwood Phonos currently available in America dual voltage, or if I got one sent here to New Zealand would I just get a nice popping noise, and possibly a light show, as the power supply melts down when I plug it into a New Zealand power socket? Of course, I could just wait until they're available here in New Zealand but I'm not known for my patience ;)
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