Well, I did it

Re: Well, I did it

Postby MMMC » Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:57 am

WERA689 wrote:Half a dozen albums tonight, and I'm mightily impressed. There's just no sense of having a turntable in the playback chain. No bearing noise way below the music. Just silence between tracks. And the arm! Using my Sonus Gold/Blue, which I've had for years and know quite well, I'm hearing all sorts of details I've never heard before! String buzzes, stronger piano attacks, more shimmery cymbals. The reviews I'd read weren't joking...this thing just gets out of the way and lets the cartridge do it's thing, unimpeded and unconstrained.

Very happy indeed, and looking forward to more! :)

Congratulations on your one afternoon setup, and as you now see, sounding pretty damn good with standard instructions, plus you get to develop an understanding for how things work on a VPI table. It's easy to tell you are loving the detail provided by the 3DR arm. Did you order or get the periphery ring with your table? If not, that maybe could be first on your list of upgrades. Enjoy, and Let The Music Play!!

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Re: Well, I did it

Postby Gary1955 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:08 am

WERA689, congratulations on your beautiful new Prime Signature!! This is an awesome table that will serve you for many years to come with minimal maintenance. Enjoy the music!!!
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