Congratulations Harry Weisfeld

Re: Congratulations Harry Weisfeld

Postby Bill_P » Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:25 pm

I was there. It was pretty cool. And Funny.
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Re: Congratulations Harry Weisfeld

Postby MMMC » Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:22 pm

[quote="fischerd"]Especially grateful for all your contributions and giving my generation the joy of music and vinyl - linking one generation to the next![/quote]

Further Congratualations to Harry and Mat.

The publication Hi-Fi+ has cited the JMD 3D as one of it's Hi-Fi+ Products of the Year: Analogue. I can't make an url citationin this area of the Forum, so I will include the text from the article.

Tonearm of the Year: VPI JMW 3D

Tested on the £3,750 VPI Prime turntable (itself a strong contender for turntable of the year), there can’t be many tonearms that point to the future as well as the JMW 3D unipivot arm. Why? Simply because where other arms are machined out of metal or fashioned from sheets of carbon fibre, the JMW 3D is one of the first products in the audio world to take advantage of the 3D printing revolution. The armtube – a retrofit upgrade for existing 10” and recently 12” JMW Memorial tonearms – is printed as a one-piece block of resin, joint free from top to toe (more accurately, from headshell to counterweight block). This makes for an inherently non-resonant tonearm structure, and this is patently obvious in audition – it makes most other armtubes sound like they are ringing along with the music. If this is the future, then it sounds great! (Reviewed in Issue 124).

Congratulations to Harry and Mat for looking to the future and delivering a new product for the analogue world.

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