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Postby Harry » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:11 am

For decades Bill Johnson and then his proteges used a VPI table in there lab. Not sure if it is still there but the SP-14 was designed with a TNT in the lab.

I do all my testing now using exact volume matched high rez digital recordings and then playing them for my buddies at the NJ Audio Society and others to see which they like better or if they could even determine a difference. The SP-14 has done very, very well in these tests.

Another item that has done very well is the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. Everyone seems to love it, then they find out what they are listening to and they frown. What, not an Atlas or Colibri, or Goldfinger!!! It is an amazingly musical cartridge and yet highly revealing and detailed. Used with the VAS step up transformer it can go straight into the SP-14 and the results are stunning.

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Postby Packgrog » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:12 pm

This may be getting too off-topic, but what ADC are you using for your hi-res digital recordings? I've used a handful of budget units, each with their own strengths. The Apogee Duet 2 was the most pleasant to use, but I hated the sound of the recordings (too much high frequency energy, sounded too bright/etched). The M-Audio ProFire 610 made the best recordings, but using it was a nightmare (awful headphone output and loose volume knobs made channel balancing a misery, driver support was awful, lots of dropped samples, etc). For most of the 5+ years now that I've been archiving my vinyl to digital for mobile/office use, I've been using a TC Electronic Konnekt 6: not the best recording quality, but reliable, fairly easy to use, and inexpensive while supporting bus-power (lower noise with unplugged MacBook Pro and Nova Phonomena on battery power) and 24/192 recording. I have no interest in DSD recording since the only audio file editors that I know of only operate with PCM. RME units seems to be the go-to for most people (I've been itching for a Babyface Pro, but I just don't have the funds), unless they go all-out and get something like a stand-alone Sound Devices 722.

Anyway, just curious what path you've taken on the digital end of things. Again, possibly better for a different thread.
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Re: Delete Harry's Corner ?''

Postby 930turbo » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:26 pm

Hi Harry ,

Thank you for your reply , ARC formerly had a TNT 3.5 w/ a Lyra Delos for the longest time in one of their listening room . They finally retired the TNT this year and got themselves a VPI Avenger .

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