Classic 3 vs. Avenger Series Comparison

Classic 3 vs. Avenger Series Comparison

Postby supersax » Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:44 pm

Hi Harry ... I would like your thoughts:

I currently have an original Classic 3 with a Soundsmith SG-200 strain gauge cartridge. I don't see myself using/needing an additional arm at least at this time.

You stated in an append in the "Magnetic Drive Platter" thread: "It will be available for upgrades on all tables eventually but the entire platter and bearing needs to be replaced, a credit will be given. I have a feeling a Classic 3 or Signature with this setup will be very, very hard to beat at any where near the price."

If I were to add the 10.5" 3D arm and the magnetic drive to my Classic 3, how close do you think its performance would compare (possibly percentage wise) to an Avenger, an Avenger Reference or an Avenger Direct? Or maybe it might be better to ask, what sonic benefits would I gain with an Avenger Reference or an Avenger Direct over the modified Classic 3?

One more question: while I hope and pray that you have a long and healthy life, if I were to purchase an Avenger Direct Drive, since I think I read that you hand make them, if for whatever reason you were not available, will there be other people at VPI that will be able to continue your legacy and service or upgrade the table?

Thank you very much for your time and thoughts.

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