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Re: Record cleaning

Postby smashatoms » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:29 pm

After a brief distraction with a new digital front end, I’m finally done setting up my US cleaner. Scanning through the posts starting at Harry’s ‘perfect setup’, I didn’t see any mention of rotisserie speed. What RPM is best for the two rotation method?

Thanks to everyone for your input and advice. I’m looking forward to putting some test records through their paces with the cleaning solution recommended by Paul Rushton. I’ll report back on my experience but it won’t be for a couple of weeks - I’m headed to Denver for RMAF Wednesday and have evening meetings most of next week.

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Re: Record cleaning

Postby Mr_Putty » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:03 am

By two-rotation-method do you mean you want to be done cleaning after two rotations of a record in the USM? I don’t think that will give you the result you want. I consider time and temperature the critical factors, based on experience with a cleaning formula. My motor takes just over a minute to make one revolution and I don’t plan to change that. I clean three records at a time and can see the cleaning bubbles on the surface of all three. I do not clean if water temp is above 32 degree C. That takes about 30 minutes of cleaning to get to that temp based on my room temp of 77 degrees F. I have started using a pre soak rotation in the tank of about five minutes before turning on the USM. I have tried 8 minute cycles after the soak and that does not seem to be long enough. I was previously using a 15 minute cycle with no soak, followed by a distilled water rinse. Even that is sometimes not enough, hence the presoak method evolution. These times are based on used record sales that look clean, not counting the usual loose junk that is easily brushed off. I usually run the filter pump (120 volt), with one micron filter in the middle of the cleaning USM cycle for a minute or two. The pump moves a lot of water. I am open to changing this setup as more objective results become predictable. For those wondering about black specks in the water after cleaning, I think they come from poor edge trimming of the record. I have seen strands of plastic on the outer record edge come loose. And some edges are just sharpe after the trimming. Makes me wonder why there is not a tool to improve record edges in general. Maybe the newer pressing don’t have this problem?
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Re: Record cleaning

Postby Packgrog » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:29 am

As long as rotation is constant, there shouldn't be issues with slower rotation speed, and that may well be preferable. Number of rotations certainly depends on rotation speed as well. Two rotations for me is PLENTY, since it takes 12 minutes per rotation with my motor. :D

I do think that "no cleaning in tank temp above 32C" is unnecessarily paranoid. My tank temp gets up to about 110F, and I don't get significant warps. Sure, you want to be careful with that, and certainly don't go much higher, but the vinyl does bounce back from these temps, and higher temps make cleaning (and solubility of contaminants) more effective. Don't go too crazy, and you'll be fine.

I do prefer to do one record at a time at this point, since I always follow it up with a double rinse/vacuum after the ultrasonic bath. Let it drip dry for a couple of minutes, then off to the vacuum RCM, while another record goes into the USM tank. If I let a record drip dry for too long (ie: doing multiples on USM then doing each on vac RCM), some of the tank fluid could dry on the grooves, leading to other issues, especially since I use additives in my tank (TergiKleen). Better to vacuum while they're still damp.
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Re: Record cleaning

Postby ctbarker32 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:19 pm

smashatoms wrote:Ok, I have my list sorted out, thanks to the contributors here on the forum and that handy article by Paul Rushton. I'll be placing orders in a few days.

If I'm reading correctly, a lot of folks use their VPI RCMs to vacuum dry their records after they come out of the tank. How do you do that without getting the mat wet?

Here's a trick I use with my VPI Cyclone to dry but not get the platter wet. Just place and ordinary rubber band like you get at the grocery store around the spindle (just lay it down) and then place the wet record on top of that and screw down record until just snug. This will keep the wet record from touching the platter but allow you to vacuum dry the record. Works very well.
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