VPI phono cable

Re: VPI phono cable

Postby Mike O » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:49 pm

Not a problem Harry. I did go ahead and order them from you. I'm also getting a power conditioner, probably the Shunyata Denali 6000S, but they don't have switched outlets to turn the digital components all the way off, rather than leaving them idling when you turn them off with the remote or push the off button. If its not one thing, its another. Thanks for getting back to me. Enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Mike O
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Re: VPI phono cable

Postby Ducky » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:05 pm

Golear wrote:My 2 cents:

If you power off all you digital gear, then (1) you'll get better sound and (2) you can get whatever cable you like.

I don't have a CD player. I have a tuner, a TV, cable box and blu-ray player in the same room as my hi-fi. They are connected to a separate power strip that has an ON-OFF switch. When I want to listen to my turntable, I set the switch to OFF. It's not enough to operate the switch on the front panel or press the "power" button on the remote control. That only sets the circuitry to standby, and the digital gremlins are all still active. The component has to be disconnected from the mains.

I don't think the cables are where all the the digital gremlins are being picked up. Radio frequency / electromagnetic interference is transmitted by the transformers, resistors, capacitors and chips in the equipment, and by the tracks on the circuit board. Vertical stacking will thus not be ideal - but in many cases, analog gear can be pretty well behaved with each other. (Exception: MC phono stages can be tricky.) Spacing equipment horizontally is a far better option because the radiation is least on the edges the circuit board. Your analog gear will benefit from this, too.

I have a second TV, cable box, Wi-Fi router, etc. on the same house power circuit as my hi-fi gear. It doesn't seem to matter to my sound system if that gear is ON or OFF. I'm guessing it doesn't matter because it's so far away (15 ft) and separated by walls.

IMHO, the digital gremlins you talk about are imaginary. When the equipment in your hi-fi room is in standby, almost all the circuitry is powered down (at least all the high power stuff); the remaning circuits to monitor the remote are in sleep mode and drawing extremely low power. If you think those components in standby can cause audio issues, then the components in the next room are sure to be a problem as well (15 ft and wooden/plaster walls will provide almost no shielding).

If you look at the equipment list for the VPI House showrooms, they have pre-amps with digital displays right underneath the turntables (Best room with Avenger/Krell and Main room with the 40DD/ Sim Moon). These components would have to be on while listening to the turntables so I don't see how you eliminate the digital gremlins. Since the 40DD has software and is programmable, it would appear there are digital electronics right inside the turntable; you can't much closer to the cartridge than that. I don't mean to doubt what you are hearing, but I'm just not buying into the digital noise story. Sorry. :roll:
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Re: VPI phono cable

Postby Golear » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:11 pm

I don't know what you're apologizing for.

I've just related something borne from my own experience. It's very easy to test this. Just plug all your digital gear into a separate power strip that has a power switch, then throw the switch ON and OFF. You can draw a range of conclusions from the experiment. One conclusion could indeed be, "Digital gremlins do not exist". The result of the experiment is your reality. And that's fine. My reality is different - and that's fine, too.

Just try stuff out. If it advances your enjoyment of music, then take advantage of it. If not, then discard it. For me, this hobby is all about sharing info and having fun. If something sounds really wacky, I have a good laugh. But I'll still try it out - ask me about cable lifters.
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