IsoAcoustics Gaia III feet on my VPI HW19JR

Re: IsoAcoustics Gaia III feet on my VPI HW19JR

Postby spinblackcircle » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:05 pm

As I'm rebuilding a HW-19 right now, I got to thinking about possibly using a set of Gaia III's upside down to replace the springs. My original plan was something similar to the VPI Rubber Isolator/Sorbothane setup or Herbies TenderFeet but this might be a better option. Since they have 1/4-20 threads and are just about the right height. :idea:

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Re: IsoAcoustics Gaia III feet on my VPI HW19JR

Postby bdp24 » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:56 pm

spinblackcircle, look at my post on this thread back on May 17th ;-) . I just got a set of Townshend Seismic Pods for my Aries 1, and they are fantastic! But they are too tall to fit between the base and plinth in the HW-19, so the Gaia III may be the next best choice. I'm thinking about doing that myself, though I'm pretty happy with the SIMS Navcom Silencers that are there right now.
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