CIAudio PEQ1 MKII phono stage

CIAudio PEQ1 MKII phono stage

Postby JohnCh » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:12 pm

I recently noticed that SSD started carrying Channel Islands Audio (AKA CIAudio) and had their new PEQ1 MK II phono stage with AC15 MKII available as a demo.  A quick email to Michael Fremer, who has that phono amp under review, asking if I should jump on it to replace my Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II resulted in a positive response, so I did just that.  The CIAudio arrived today and underwent a brief comparison in my system before the World Series started.  The bass with the CIAudio is noticeably deeper and the sound is more dynamic -- or less veiled if you prefer.  I haven't' noticed any real difference in imaging, although there seems to be more depth.  I'll do more listening over the next few days, but based on preliminary observations, the Lehmann will go up for sale soon. 

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