Pivot to spindle distance

Re: Pivot to spindle distance

Postby jonathanb » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:10 pm

I use both the Mint and Feickert protractors. First, I use the Feickert to check P2S distance and adjust the arm base to the exact distance of the Mint. I'll use the Feickert for initial setup of the cartridge and then use the Mint for dialing in the setup: if I've done well using the Feickert, then the Mint allows me to quickly confirm the setup. Otherwise, I use the Mint until to tweak the settings until all is good.

It's totally possible, and correct, to simply use the Feickert and not have to obsess about the actual P2S distance but since I paid for the Mint I figure I may as well use it.
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