Dr. Feikert Adjust Plus purchase

Re: Dr. Feikert Adjust Plus purchase

Postby VinBob » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:45 pm

Dorian wrote:
VinBob wrote:I never questioned whether it works or not, just looking to better understand the method/approach you guys are taking as its obviously different to how Feickert instruct how to use the tool by use of the bubble level :roll:

This thread should give you everything you need: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6948&hilit=adjust+plus

Search is your friend...

Thanks and I had actually already printed this very topic to read over the weekend (together with the Adjust+ manual) as its a fairly long one...
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Re: Dr. Feikert Adjust Plus purchase

Postby dpb90 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:24 am

VinBob wrote:
Dorian wrote:
dpb90 wrote:Hi

on my side I start by moving CI on one side far enough, then move by 1 block, until the cycle is finished and when I get the graph, i make a second pass near of where it should be right and I make another cycle by moving CI by less than one third of a block.I ended up with this :

"Timestamp: 07/061201711:12:26
L -> R: -24,7 dB 178° R -> L: -24,8 dB" 178°
Angle Mono LR: .0,5 dB"

I take the same approach. Great readings you got there!

Great readings indeed and was that with your Lyra Delos?

When you say 'start by moving CI on one side far enough' what does that mean exactly? Also when you say 'second pass near where it should be right', not following that comment fully either. Also, when you say 'make another cycle', are you going through the same process as per the Adjust+ instructions but this time, simply moving the CI by less than one third of a block amounts for each degree change as a final check?

I guess this would all make more sense if one could visually see it and probably also when using the tool itself, but just curious here as I am real interested in exploring this and trying to get a read on how easy/difficult this will be...


First time was with a Delos, this reading is with the AT Art 9 I just installed.
Going on one side means that I start either towards right or left in order to respect Feickert process, it' just turning from one point to another, the second pass is just the same but with a much smaller increment to get something precise, the first pass just helping to give the location of the right point

For Vin

i think the spirit level makes sense when you have an arm like the Kuzma 4 points which have an allen screw that moves the tube and the cartridge very precisely, it's probably the best option I've seen yet to make this kind of adjustment
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Re: Dr. Feikert Adjust Plus purchase

Postby jmcox » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:49 am

OK guys, I've ordered the Home version from Chris today and it's on the way. I'm going to get the Creative Sound Blaster external sound card as well. My agony was debating the purchase of another cheap laptop (I actually have TWO macs already for chrissake). Listening to multiple assurances that using a Mac with Basecamp/VM jiggering is not as difficult as my whiney computer guy was making it out to be leads me to think I'll take my mac laptop to a different tech who isn't having such a bad day and get the program running on that machine. I just don't feel I'm getting my imaging right with my Foz lately and want to work behind something as definitive as the Adjust + seems to be. I mean, most of us spend literally thousands of dollars on a cartridge so it seems like the added nudge to optimize it is in order. I just love the specificity of the graphing.

In terms of the repeatable benchmarks you need to establish to create reference points within the graphing it seems to me that you could (again assuming that you're using the dual pivot setup) leave the allen wrench in the set screw as you do your tests . . . and just turn it to where the leg of the wrench says 12:00 then 3:00 then 6:00, etc . . .that sort of thing. The bit of added weight on that side of the tonearm would just put a little more weight on the pivot point, but the height of the set screw, and resulting azimuth, would not be effected of course by leaving the allen wrench in while moving from point to point to point. Seems like that would work to me.
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