Koetsu Black Goldline 12" Fatboy

Re: Koetsu Black Goldline 12" Fatboy

Postby fischerd » Sat Dec 22, 2018 6:33 pm

soundwatts wrote:
Brf wrote:
33+1third wrote:Hi soundwatts, I am tinkering with the same problem. Because my Black Goldline is quite old and it still stands head and shoulders above ANY cartridge I own or have ever owned. My idea is trading it in or selling "as is" and just moving up the KOETSU line.

As a former owner of the Black, I was really never enamoured with the sound and performance. As a current owner of a Koetsu Rosewood Signature, I can tell you from my experience, that is where the Koetsu line takes off. My vote, move up. As an aside, my Rosewood never played well with my 12-3DR tonearm, but I have high hopes for it with the Fatboy which I will give a spin over the holidays.

Btw, I have no experience with the stone bodied Koetsu

BRF which generation black did you own? I have the newer one and when I go to vinyl engine and use the calculator it says not compatible with my VPI arm.

Would the cadenza bronze or black be a better investment?

The Cadenzas are much better matches with the regular 3d arms than the Koetsu, that is for sure. Whether you will like the sound of the Cadenza vs the Black Goldline, that is up to your tastes. The Cadenzas are one of the best matches of any cartridge out there with the 3d arm. Great compliance match. Cannot say the match of the fatboy and the goldline, but will definitely be an improvement over the regular 3d arm.
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Re: Koetsu Black Goldline 12" Fatboy

Postby Golear » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:23 pm

This is what a friend of mine said about the Koetsu line: The Black is the most neutral of the Koetsu range. The characteristic Koetsu sound really comes out with the Rosewood Signature. So if you want to get the Koetsu sound, then the minimum level is the Rosewood Signature. This echoes Brf's comments.

The Rosewood Signature was not the greatest of trackers. It flunked the Shure "Trackability" tests - though that might have also been because of the Alphason HRS-100 arm. It chewed up the inner grooves in some LPs. I'm sure the situation improves with arm length and effective mass. So a 12-inch Fatboy might be a good choice. But, over and above the compliance/effective mass computation, I'd do the Shure "Trackability" tests, or listen carefully for mistracking distortion.

If there was one cartridge that is an ideal match for an air-bearing, linear tracking tonearm with a long arm (eg AirTangent) that would be the Koetsu. My friend switched to the AirTangent and the sound was fantastic.
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