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Postby Jprod » Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:32 pm

Dorian wrote:
jonathanb wrote:
Dorian wrote:I am really tempted to get one of these sale carts. Sussurro for $2500 seems like a great deal, of course I've never actually heard one! Has anyone heard one? I wonder if it will be a big step up from my MIMC Star?

I'll suggest, yet again, that you'd do better spending that money to upgrade your speakers.

Yes you have said that more than once Jonathan, fair point. :lol:

But assuming I can trade-in my MIMC Star (basically brand new after SoundSmith repair) for, say, $1000, then I'm getting a Sussurro for $1500. I don't know what big step up in speakers I could take for that same outlay?

I agree with Jonathan. When one looks at the list of your components , the one that is lagging behind are your speakers. I would start the arduous process or auditioning as many brands/ types of speakers that you can or go internet with a return policy- ascend acoustics, salk, focal, joseph audio, devore fidelity, dali, spendor , harbeth to name a few that would be on my short list. Speakers as you know are highly subjective - there is no one size fits all. The proper speakers and set up however can make a HUGE difference . I know that the ls50s are well regarded and are stereophile class A, but I wouldn't get hung up on that rating too much to the point you convince yourself that I can't do better for my system.
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