Shipping - a Word of Caution

Shipping - a Word of Caution

Postby billo » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:50 pm

A couple of months back I purchased a 2016 Classic Signature. On inspection the 3D arm was cracked in two at the bell housing. Now, I did get a full refund, including shipping both ways. There was no visible damage to the carton. What appears to have happened is he shipped the arm with the teardrop weight installed, probably because that's how the dealer sent it after installing the cartridge for him. The weight pushed the arm up to the surface of the foam cutout. A cardboard sheet and the covering box flaps were the only insulation. So apparently it got smacked and three pieces of cardboard proved less than sufficient. The poor guy though got stuck with a claim denial from UPS. Something to think about when you buy or sell.
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