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I've mostly been a reader on this forum the last few years, but I recently upgraded my Traveler V2 to a Prime and wanted to share a find I came across to ease cartridge installation. I searched the forum, but couldn't find any recommendations for tweezers. In the past I've tried needle-nose pliers and cosmetic tweezers to slide the tonearm wires onto cartridge posts, but this has always proven difficult for me as I tried to balance grip pressure vs. slippage in order to get the housing over the posts cleanly without damaging the cables or deforming the housing.

I found a pair of tick tweezers in the check-out line of Bed&Bath this past summer and bought them in case my family or our dog picked up a tick. My new Prime arrived on Friday and I set it up, but I'm still waiting for my VAS Nova 0.4mV microridge from Steve and I couldn't stand not being able to give it a listen. My Ortofon Quintet Black is staying on the Traveler as part of my trade-in, so I couldn't use that. I remembered I had an old Dynavector 10x5 that used to be on my older Rega P3, so as I was gathering tools to install it, I remembered these tweezers.

They made it so easy for me, I wanted to share in case these would benefit others. I typically don't install cartridges often, so it's always been a bit of a challenge for me.

tick tweezers
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Re: Tweezers

Postby bpw » Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:57 pm

They look nice for when you need them. They're good for gently squeezing cartridge clips that are a little too loose. Never use needle nose pliers for this purpose! That's like using a sledgehammer to drive a finishing nail. For opening up cartridge clips use a tapered round toothpick. Be gentle, as the wires can break off, although VPIs are pretty rugged.
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