Spatial audio M3 Turbo S incoming

Re: Spatial audio M3 Turbo S incoming

Postby mreeter » Tue May 14, 2019 12:55 pm

Jprod wrote:prelim i would say 5-6 rows but I really think I should reserve comment until they fully break in. Im going to have to put some Metallica on a loop this weekend while I'm out doing yard work !

Thanks, I much prefer the 5th or 6th row scenario over the front row. I don't care for the "in your face" stage.

Metallica sounds about right in the 100dB vicinity :D
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Re: Spatial audio M3 Turbo S incoming

Postby fotomeow » Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:37 pm

Jprod wrote:Hello all. The upgraditis bug bit me again. I was strongly considering a pair of Joseph audio profiles but after talking to Clayton Shaw of spatial audio I placed an order for these open baffle speakers. Should have them in a month and will report back. He was awesome to talk to and with a 60 day return policy I figured that I can’t go wrong. I have had box speakers all my life and wanted to try something different
Has anyone had any experience with these and if so , thoughts ?

I bought a pair of black on black Triode 3 Masters direct from Clayton at CAS 2017 in the San Fran Bay Area.
They are special speakers, but need the right conditions to really get what they are capable of.
For the Triode Masters, they are touted as "more sensitive", and with Triode in the name, implies they can run off triode amps. Thats not really true, unless your triode amp/s weight a 100 pounds with big output. These speakers sound REALLY good at low levels if you have enough juice. And they can take an amplifier-beating like no other. To break in, I turned the Vol up as loud as I could without my neigh bars calling 911. It was too loud for me, but then I would leave the house to do errands, and leave the speakers at high volume.

my best results were from a hybrid system, a tube pre and SS or Class D amps. I hear some of Claytons speakers at CAS about 5 years ago. They were quite good, but the sweet spot in the middle was too small. He has enlarged that sweet spot with the Turbo, and now the Triode masters. One think I really like about them is that the sound is good throughout throughout the room, if your are walking around the room in diff locales. But it wasn't the listening fatigue I got was not directly from the speakers, but more from the increased sound pressure that would build in my listening room, about a 13x18 room, with an "L" wing branching off to my bedroom. That is why I sold these M3 Triode Masters- to a guy with a bigger listening room, which suited him well.

As far as WAF goes, I don't know why these speaker would be a hard sell. They are 2 large round speakers, the skeleton is relatively short and unobtrusive if you Use colors that don't add unnecessary contrast. Eg. buy black on black rather than red on black.

I know the OP subject is the Turbo S, but if they like them, then they will eventually want to upgrade to the T3Ms.
Good luck !
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Re: Spatial audio M3 Turbo S incoming

Postby gene9p » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:51 am

Now that I sold my Harbeths I am looking at the Spatials. Probably the M4's would suit my LR than the larger M3's. I am currently driving a 25 year old pair of Snell KIII's with my Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated. Anyone heard the 4's or have some more opinions on Spatial speakers themselves.
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Re: Spatial audio M3 Turbo S incoming

Postby Jprod » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:45 pm

Love my m3 turbo s! Clean , play loud without distortion, great bass. Very 3d like. Clayton Shaw is phenomenal to deal with . He just came out with some new models in the m and x line . check them out as well and give him a call.
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