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Re: Record Collections

Postby MMMC » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:01 pm

WntrMute ,

I can definitely see that photo of your collection! Very nice vinyl library!!

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Re: Record Collections

Postby WntrMute » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:12 pm

Those smaller collections are beautifully stored. Thanks guys. is there a structure to your collection or is it "free-form". I try and structure mine around a "" theme. Jazz is so widespread it is hard to focus!
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Re: Record Collections

Postby Buck115 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:31 pm

My music room is very utilitarian, so it is setup to accommodate all of my activities; hunting, fishing, music, repairs of electronics, etc. So, it is essentially a man-cave that I’ve named “The Boonies” and not an audiophile hangout; just a place to listen to good music and do other stuff! My Brother-In-Law and I hold our MMDVDF’s (Manly Man DVD Fetes) out there when our wives won’t let us use the system in the Den! :oops:

Most of my music is Classic Rock; I’m and old rocker!!! In order to accommodate all of the activities in my room and take up the least amount of floor space; I purchased a very basic shelf/storage system from Sam’s Club that perfectly accommodates my collection of approximately 400 LPs. The CD rack contains approximately 400 CDs.

The LPs are organized alphabetically according to the artists. The top two and middle two sections contain LPs that are primarily vocal in content performed by a single artist or group. The bottom two sections are greatest hits compilations (multiple artists or groups), instrumental (single artists or groups), comedy, big band, etc. Except for a few new or replacement LPs, all of these albums were purchased by me from about 1963 to about 1989.

The CDs are organized the same as the LPs, alphabetically according to the artists. The front side contains CDs that are primarily vocal in content performed by a single artist or group. The back side contains greatest hits compilations (multiple artists or groups), instrumental (single artists or groups), comedy, big band, etc.

My collection of movie and music Blu-Ray/DVDs are contained in a built-in shelf system in our Den where I have my 5.1 Surround System.

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Re: Record Collections

Postby JimTimP » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:41 pm

WntrMute, I bow to the god.

I don't have a huge collection, but, I'm working on it.

I use Mapleshade storage for both LP and CD.

I catalog using Collectorz Music Collector software.

I have a laptop dedicated and networked to share the database of music located at the racks.

Someday I may relocate the entire listening room to the basement and do it all different. Most likely post retirement in 3 to 8 years (for the second time).
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