Exciting News... TAS to-review the VPI Avenger!!!

Exciting News... TAS to-review the VPI Avenger!!!

Postby Jbelben » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:04 pm

Hi Everyone

I just downloaded the latest version of TAS and low and behold in the Golden Ear Awards section it references an upcoming review of the VPI Avenger and 12”3D Tonearm.... Hallelujah!!!!

Hopefully the past is finally done with and VPI will rightfully receive it’s place as a regularly reviewed Vinyl Icon in TAS!!!!

Better Days Ahead!!!!

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Re: Exciting News...The Cold War May be about to end!!!!

Postby suntea » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:22 pm

I wonder if they will do a thorough review unlike the superficial one they did on the Mobile Fidelity table. They screamed on the cover about how great it is and the review is lacking in depth information.

Besides, who needs them?
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Re: Exciting News...The Cold War May be about to end!!!!

Postby Jbelben » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:47 am

I do not see it as a matter of need. TAS and VPI are arguably both seen as leaders and earning the ongoing respect of audiophiles in NA and Globally in their respective audiophile pursuits.

Not having VPI reviewed by TAS created an awkward miss that defied rationale explanation and will hopefully now go away.



PS I am a big fan of both and I have been lobbying TAS for a number of years to deal with the obvious miss.
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Re: Exciting News... TAS to-review the VPI Avenger!!!

Postby Peer Gynt » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:33 am

I am not a fan of any of the magazines, including TAS.

That said, a good review in one of the magazines can make a product, and a bad one can kill it. There is risk in letting them look at your stuff.

I have been in this hobby for 50+ years, and have upgraded, built and rebuilt many turntables, including LP12s.

I have two exceptionally nice LP12s. They sound incredible.

Before he came to audition them, a friend declared “Those LP12s aren’t even recommended anymore. They’re class C at best. “

I laughed it off and told him he should listen and decide for himself.

He did. And he was awestruck and humbled. You can’t know ANYTHING based on a review, except what the reviewer thinks. Not very useful for me.

He is coming again next week. I’ve got the Levinson/VPI and the best LP12 really dialed in in the same system.

I honestly can’t decide which is better. They’re both so delightfully engaging. The Levinson, with its Ortofon Cadenza Bronze is warmer and seems to put me close to the front, but in the audience. The 50% more expensive at retail high spec LP12 with Lyra Kleos gives so much detail that I sometimes feel like I’m sitting with the performers.

The magazines can’t help but be influenced by their experiences with the company. No doubt Linn have the most abrasive company in the industry, bar none. VPI should not suffer Linn’s fate. They’re much more likable.

That said, I hope the TAS review goes well.
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Exciting News TAS to review the VPI Avenger

Postby KamAlom » Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:41 pm

great video heaps of info, pretty good PR for ford there.

having said that, surely that dealer is getting an asskicking from ford HQ for encouraging the aftermarket??
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Re: Exciting News... TAS to-review the VPI Avenger!!!

Postby Golear » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:35 am

For a short period of time, TAS really was an authority on hi-fi. HP said, "I hear something I'm going to call 'soundstage'....". To which, Saint Ivor (of Linn) said, (and I'm paraphrasing) "Hogwash, there's no such thing as 'soundstage'. There's only PRAT and nobody does PRAT better than an LP-12". (PRAT = Pace, Rhythm And Timing.)

There were clear comparisons of products. He crowned the Goldmund Studio as better than the LP-12. Then came the Goldmund Reference, which HP then said was better than the Studio. Then the Forsell deposed the Goldmund Reference, only to be deposed in turn by the Versa Dynamics 2.0.....

Well, those were exciting times. We could really learn things by reading the reviews - even of gear that we could never afford. And HP won the soundstage battle. But then TAS lost its way. HP tried to move to the next realm, talking about concepts like "continuousness" and "gestalt". But these concepts were not fully developed. And then HP got sick. And then TAS went downhill fast. There was, for example, the very poorly explained firing of Michael Fremer as a reviewer for TAS. TAS then got sold to the same company that owned Stereophile. After that, TAS just got to be as bad as all the other magazines. HP admitted this. And yes, they played favorites - VPI was in the doghouse, so there were never any reviews of their turntables. It's a credit to the brand that they survived this. VPI survived because enough audiophiles took the trouble to hear the VPIs, and decided that these were quality products that were better than the competition. They didn't need to read anything on TAS or look at Stereophile's Class system. They used their own ears.

It's interesting that, after HP broke from TAS/Stereophile, he did review the Classic Signature and gave it 5 stars - meaning it was at the pinnacle. I think Romy the Cat mused that most manufacturers were afraid of being blackballed by TAS/Stereophile, and so didn't offer their products to the newly independent HP. But VPI did.

So what will the review say? Let me guess.... it will be a monumental exercise in using gushy words to describe strange terms, undefined concepts and vague notions. After describing how many boxes it arrived in, how heavy the boxes were, the color, what it's like to press the on/off buttons, and how heavy every thing is, as well as whether one should use Silvo or Mother's to polish and clean it. And finally there'll be about 3 sentences on "the sound". Using terms that will never be used again in another review (so that there's absolutely no way to compare two products). The review will probably end with something like "this is one of the best turntables I have ever heard...." which only begs the question of how many turntables the reviewer has heard....

It's also very obvious that some reviews are actually written by the manufacturers. For example, the reviewer will explain in great depth about how a particular design feature addresses a specific issue. Well.... what are the odds that part came from the manufacturer?

So how does the Avenger compare to the 40DD or the Genesis? Or the $300,000 Goldmund Reference 2? Or the truly idiotically priced AV Designhaus Derenville VPM 2010-1? Don't wait for TAS to tell you.
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Re: Exciting News... TAS to-review the VPI Avenger!!!

Postby tom collins » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:50 pm

I have found the magazines useful to get generalized ideas of what I think will appeal to my taste and what will not. I am a fan of DeVore speakers and would not know anything about them had I not read about them. I bought my first pair used for not a huge investment and recently sold them for close to what I had paid and moved up their line. I guess, having learned the code words and read enough reviews to know which reviewers heel closer to my taste, it seemed like something I might like. There are no stores in my area (deep in flyover country) to audition them. So, having to buy blind for most things, I appreciate the reviews
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