VPI Prime Incoming

VPI Prime Incoming

Postby fuzzybam » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:52 am

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After perusing several websites for months I pulled the trigger on a VPI Prime from SSD. I talked to Seth and he set me up with an Ortofon 2m Black and a Rega Brio integrated amp. The only thing I'm missing now are a nice set of speakers. I am pretty new to the hifi audio stuff so I would love to hear options for speakers. From reviews online I gravitate toward the Kef LS50s or Q900s and Focal 906s or 936s (I know these are much more money).

Couple of Notes:
1) I don't mind upgrading the amp at a later date to something like a Parasound integrated or Sutherland preamp + something.
2) It would be nice to use the speakers for my "home theater" setup in the same room (it's pretty much just a cable box, bluray/sacd/cd player, and a ps4) if I wanted.
3) I know of HT Bypass but I have no idea how it works
4) Seating distance is about 9-10 feet.
5) The music I generally listen to is a lot of post-punk, indie, death and black metal, goth, horror soundtracks, and classic rock
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Re: VPI Prime Incoming

Postby elader » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:03 am

I auditioned the LS50s and ended up with the KEF R300s and a sub. I traded down from some martin logan electrostatics. My room is fairly small and the KEPS seem to fit much better.

If you are looking for home theater, I bet the Q series towers with a Q series center channel, some small Q series rear speakers, and a sub would be a great system. Just dont much around on that center channel - most important speaker in the setup for movies.
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