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Postby Mr_Putty » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:28 pm

I have a B-stock Prime I have been learning on after many years of doing other things ( most digital, some audio). I choose to use a (cut to size) poplar Woodcraft workbench top for isolation. This top comes made of many sticks glued together, all of which are the same thickness. This main block has a second slightly smaller poplar block beneath it. The two are isolated with silicone tool savers cut to about 1.25 inches wide. Compressed they are about 7/8 inch thick. In addition to this setup I find adjustable metal cones useful to fine tune the image. I currently use two. One is under the platter bearing (not in the center) and one is somewhat close to the arm pivot. These I can adjust while listening and with moderate pressure seem to stabilize and open the sound image. Note that this does slightly lessen the pressure on the TT feet and I think the result is tuning the top isolation block to the arm! I suspect that horizontal vibrations are being damped thus making the arm/cart track more accurately.
I am curious to know if anyone else has tried dual blocks and if so what were the results. I am not done expiermenting, but really like the results so far. My cart is a new Bronze2m so that is a factor as well.
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