Mulling Scout Jr vs Scout

Mulling Scout Jr vs Scout

Postby bjlefebvre » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:44 pm

Hey all,
So I'm ready to upgrade my turntable (a Denon 57L) and had been thinking of one of those red Scout Jrs that are on certain sites for about $1,300. But also noticed that Aries Scouts with the acrylic platters pop up used for about a grand on occasion. I know that the Juniors have the yoke arms while the Scouts have the unipivots. But does anyone have any ear experience with the two tables? Basically mulling acrylic platter and unipivot vs aluminum platter and yoke. I'd be running the table with a DIY aluminum bodies Denon 103 into either a Yamaha A-S801 or Luxman SQ505X.

Thanks in advance.
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