Shunyata King Cobra CX Power Cord

Re: Shunyata King Cobra CX Power Cord

Postby JimTimP » Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:36 am

Ayre Conditioned wrote:Jim, it sounds like you’ve already bought in to the high end power cord game. Here’s a description of the cables you bought from the Amazon site: “This high quality AC power cable handles high current and effectively reduces noise of entire system with wider dynamics, improved rhythm and overall gains beyond expectation.” Why not use the cords that came with your gear if there is no difference?

Yes, but they cost $60, not several thousand. The power cables quoted in the Original Post cost $3500!!! Also, I have a P5 regenerating the power, so that last 6 feet of cable is the weakest link. Not the Romex in the wall.

I'm not saying they will not improve on the current delivery. What I am saying is the current cannot be delivered because the weakest link, the Romex, is preventing it. If the current necessary is drawn through an undersized conductor, it will cause that conductor to heat. The current is lost as heat energy and will not make it to the load. So, if the Romex is consuming the needed current, there is no way a $3500 power cord will do much of anything as upstream of that cord the noise/loss/RFI has already been caused.
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Re: Shunyata King Cobra CX Power Cord

Postby 930turbo » Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:10 pm

Hi guys ,

Thanks for the replies . Im glad the owner wont be selling them to me for $3500 ea. Since these cables are preowned his selling it to me at more than 50% less . I also have a dedicated circuit to my listening room w/ seperate circuit breaker (30 ampere with gauge 12 solid wires going to the dedicated Hubell outlets ) from the rest of household wiring w/c I specified when our home was constructed in 2008 .
Im from the Philippines and our Electricity Supply is of poor quality . I Installed a 1.5 KVA voltage stabilizer ( automatic voltage regulator Transformer ) for my SDS , phono stage and line stage . For my power amps I have a seperate 10 KVA voltage Stabilzer Transformer as well . I was skeptical in using these aftermarket power cords in my system . But when I first tried it w/ a pair ( Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Power cords ) for my REF 610T’s monoblock I noticed a big improvement compared to the stock power cords . So I thought Im done and I said to myself I dont need another set of aftermarket P.C. for my REF5 & PHONO 2 since their current demand is not that much compared to the amps but I’m wrong .
Maybe its the quality of electricity that we have here in the Philippines , thats why its a game changer in my system .

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