Wallis Original record in VPI ad

Wallis Original record in VPI ad

Postby favrab » Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:13 pm

Does anyone know what record is on the Scout Jr turntable in the VPI Industries ad on page 64 of the May 2015 issue of STEREOPHILE magazine? The record is most likely a Ruth Wallis disc -- I can see the label name WALLIS ORIGINAL on the record+, which is a dark red or maroon vinyl. But I can't make out any of the other wording. It's just that the dark red vinyl looks "cool" sitting on that Scout Jr. Though I'm not especially a fan of Ruth Wallis songs, I wonder if the disc would look as cool sitting on the platter of my Scoutmaster II. In any case, if anyone can identify the disc, please post. I'd like to know.
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