Balanced Stereo System

Balanced Stereo System

Postby Orchids1 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:52 pm

It seems that many posters here have pretty sophisticated and expensive front ends and electronics (sometimes >$50K), but comparatively inexpensive speakers (<$10K). I've frequently read that speakers contribribute more than any other single component to the overall sound quality of a system, and that up to 50% of a system's total cost should be allocated to them. If my impression of the way many posters have configured their systems (contrary to this rule of thumb) is accurate, then is the reasoning behind it simply that speakers can't reproduce sounds from signals that are not first captured by their turntables and cartridges and then accurately amplified and transmitted to the speakers through their electronics, and that, therefore, these latter components are more important in determing a system's sound quality. Or, is it just that many feel that there are a number of relatively inexpensive speakers (notably, electrostatic ones) that are capable of reproducing sound as well, or almost as well, as considerably more expensive speakers. Just curious. Thanks.
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Re: Balanced Stereo System

Postby DeeCee » Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:42 pm

Complex question; this assumes several variables such as, one-to-one value of dollar as compared to component value, sensitivity to a particular component's audio "signature", etc. Also you will need to consider the return of performance per dollar for the particular component under consideration and how well the component fits within the system.

I believe that one needs to consider the system as an entirety: from source to speaker in the reproduction chain to maximize the performance (as required by your pleasure). As most systems are in progress ("Hello... Audiophiles!) it seems to me that most are maximizing their system quality in steps toward a goal. In some cases, the next audible step requires significant cash outlay (depending upon the component) or a change/leap in technology (tubes vs. SS, MM vs. MC, etc.)

I guess what I am saying is that this hobby is a journey and not a destination and folks enjoy the process of system building as well as the result (music)... at least I hope.

At least this is how I feel about my system.

Happy Listening!

P.S., A lot of this chase is hopeless as there is only so much "quality" you can retrieve from the original recording as a LOT of the quality of the recording was not so good from the start.
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Re: Balanced Stereo System

Postby tom collins » Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:32 pm

i am using a maxxed out tnt6hr ($$$) and united home audio cabling ($$), delos cart (middling $) with a musical surroundings nova 2 phono pre (little dollars) tied in with a homemade sut made from 1950s era microphone trannys that i paid $1000 for, an old forte modified preamp (on loan) and believe it or not, a peachtree nove 220 solid state amp (little dollars) and believe it or not, golden ear triton 7 speakers (cheap) with elderly paradigm sub. The cables would have cost twice the speakers if i had bought the cables new. The table, many times. Why, because the peachtree gear and the speakers fit what i wanted at the time and more importantly, if one can get over how inexpensive they are, they sound very good to my ears.
the table is probably the end of the table road for me and i lucked into a ridiculously good bargain on it 3 years ago that i could not pass up. everything else is up for change at some point. i'd like to have some dynaudio c1s at some point.

talk about a mongrel system. it got there from years of trades and working toward the sound that I like.

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its a journey see.
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Re: Balanced Stereo System

Postby macster » Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:30 pm

Source(s) first here, garbage in, garbage out.

Don't sweat the small stuff
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