Like a trip to the Audio Car wash

Like a trip to the Audio Car wash

Postby Gb1 » Sat May 16, 2020 5:34 pm

Well my Classic II and Concerto V2 cartridge weren't sounding up to par. It’s been 5 yrs of playing time on the cartridge so I decided to send it to Soundsmith to get a re-tip. I didn’t have a backup cartridge so I ventured out to locate one since the repair times could be between 8 to 12 weeks! I located a Dynavector 17D3. I was used to a long cantilever and the Dynavector had the shortest cantilever I’d ever seen. I had to lower the female bearing quite a bit to level the tone arm. It was so low that I was concerned about the cartridge clearing the periphery ring...but it did. After some alignment and adjustments I was able to start listening again.

The change was quite dramatic. I selected a couple of MOFI LPs to sample first. Beck Sea Change and Dire Straits Brother in Arms. The music just seemed to leap off the LP with great clarity and dynamics. I was not used to the new tonality which was much more pronounced in the mid range and high ends and maybe lacking in some low end. Hopefully with some adjustments in subwoofer integration I can compensate for what I felt was missing. Or maybe my ears just need to be re-aligned.

The experience made me think about how I had become accustomed to or hadn’t noticed the slow decay of the sound quality.
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