SSM Reference motor assembly and plinth weight

SSM Reference motor assembly and plinth weight

Postby Fast-n-Bulbous » Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:48 pm

Does anyone know what the individual weight is for the table (plinth, platter, periphery ring clamp, center clamp, tonearm) and separately that of the motor assembly (dual motors plus rim drive)?

I've been searching the interwebs and haven't been able to find out. The only weight numbers I can find is the shipping weight from the dealer. I'd use my kitchen food scale, but either one of these babies would crush it to pieces.

table: VPI SSM Reference
arm: Reed 3Q, 10.5", Cocobolo
cartridge: Hana Shibata SL
phono pre: Nagra BPS
recording device: Sound Devices SD-702
preamp/DAC: Benchmark DAC2 HGC
amp: Benchmark AHB2
speakers: KEF LS50 + SVS SB16-Ultra
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