new HW-19 Mkiii owner questions

Re: new HW-19 Mkiii owner questions

Postby creativepart » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:53 pm

I had a MKIII for 10 years or so. I loved playing around with it. I tried the acrylic platter, too. But preferred the original. I used the stock motor, and DIY SAMA and finally a real VPI SAMA. I also got a VPI SDS power supply - big thumbs up for that.

I had a JMW-9 on it and it sounded good. But I switched it out for a Rega RB600 with lots of mods (wire, counterweight, etc) and felt it was really ideal on that TT.

The last thing I messed with was "suspension." Mine came with both springs and pucks. I preferred the pucks over the springs. Then I removed the pucks and went "solid" without any suspension and felt it was the best of all.

Alas, I sold it all to fund the purchase of a Classic back in 2012. The Classic is great and all - but I still miss that MK III with all the mods I had made. Just plain fun.
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Re: new HW-19 Mkiii owner questions

Postby twentyhertz » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:20 am

Well I enjoyed the discussion of oils. Just to be clear what do you (and I assume VPI) recommend for the bearing, Brf? Regular old 30w if I can find it? Petroleum based 10w-30 is ok?

Also- I thought I had a JMW 9 tonearm (because the previous owner said so and the table came with an original set up manual for a 9 :roll: ) but as I started spending more time with the table I realized it's a 10 (it has VTA tower) I saw your description of the various Jmw 10 arms and it appears that I have the original (conical) unipivot point and that the newer spike type point is a worthwhile drop in upgrade- any idea where I might source one?


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