Speaker cone/driver movement...?

Re: Speaker cone/driver movement...?

Postby Joseph » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:12 am

tom collins wrote:how is your floor supported? Is it suspended over a basement or crawl space? is it on a concrete slab? If it is suspended, that is your problem. The sub and the woofers are putting micro-vibration into your tonearm and your speakers are reflecting the signal. Easy test, does it do this with cd? if not, that is your problem. I had to use a rumble filter for my system, then moved rooms with the rack sitting on an old fire place hearth decoupled from the floor where the speakers and sub sits. No more pumping. If you want to buy my lightly used KAB subsonic filter, pm me, I will give you a deal.


With the help of the member Tom Collins, the KAB-RF1 is being added in.
It’s Perfectly working as described.

The RF-1 is fitted between the phono pre amp & the system pre amp
The Bass is far better, and controlled.
No more Rumbling at all at much above my normal listening sound level.

Much appreciated Tom.
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Re: Speaker cone/driver movement...?

Postby tom collins » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:03 am

My only experience with the KAB line of products was the RF-1 rumble filter. It worked exactly as promised. On Vinyl Asylum, there is a lot of love for KAB products, I add my name to the list and without hesitation, would try something else from them if needed.
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