HR-X Motor Flywheel thrust disc

HR-X Motor Flywheel thrust disc

Postby YoungDave » Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:21 pm

I have been examining the friction parts of my 13-year-old HR-X for a week or so now. I've found scoring on both the motor flywheel and the platter bearings. Both these are readily removable and I have already sourced replacements (thanks, brf!).

However, the thrust disks are not so easy to access. The platter disc is PEEK and looks quite good. The flywheel disc is metal and has a hemisphere worn into it. It has got to come out... But how? If I drill a pilot hole in it, I risk drilling too far and ruining the flywheel. Could it be as simple as heating the far end of the bearing sleeve with a mini-torch, until a little dab of superglue burns off and the disc falls out? That is the way to remove the bearing balls from the shaft, after all...

Also, assuming I get the darned thing out, has anyone a source of either PEEK or sapphire thrust discs in the required 0.500" or 0.495" diameter - and has anyone any insight into which thrust disc material is better? I am about as sure as I can be that the material the VPI factory put in there is NOT the material to use - much better thrust disc material is available these days...

Thanks, All!
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