HR-X pulley wobble

HR-X pulley wobble

Postby cygnus x1 » Mon May 08, 2017 2:57 pm

How far does the pulley need to go down on the motor shaft? I installed a new HR-X pulley on a new Hurst 300 rpm motor (with the VPI brass shaft bushing w/little to no endplay) and because of the height of my (custom) motor housing I can only position the pulley approx. 1/4 of they way down the shaft and keep the belt in the center of the platter (I was planning on running three belts). I have visible wobble of the pulley. I was careful to install as level as possible and tightened the set screws evenly. I did verify that the set screws are below the top of the shaft. The surface of my square motor housing is about equal to the VPI motor housing, pulley shaft to edge. This is used with a clone acrylic Scout/Aries plinth-base with the same motor cut out and Classic platter.
I can raise my motor housing a little without touching the underside of the platter, but not enough to keep the pulley centered with the platter and really did want to run three belts, which is why I changed to the HR-X. Is the stock 300 rpm pulley taller? I can move the housing farther away and raise, but then I would have to use a custom length belt and prefer to keep the belts as short as possible. I was going just to send back to Soundstage, but I'm beyond the 60 days return policy.
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