Ground buzz narrowed down to the tonearm on my Prime

Re: Ground buzz narrowed down to the tonearm on my Prime

Postby JimTimP » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:32 pm

This may very well NOT be a grounding issue, but rather an energy coupling issue. I'd say RFI, but 60 (or 50) Hz is not particularly RF.

I have the same issue, and what I have discovered is I am coupling energy to the tonearm that I am picking up off LED light bulbs in my listening room. Turn off the lights and the hum goes away.

So, I listen in the dark or candlelight. OK...
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Re: Ground buzz narrowed down to the tonearm on my Prime

Postby Golear » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:43 pm


I doubt if there's an "energy coupling" involving the tonearm. I had the same issue, caused by dimmer controls on a couple of room lights. The controls put a lot of crud into the mains AC, which, by a very complicated process no doubt, became audible as buzzing sound. We could see it with an oscilloscope - it was ugly! There was an overshoot and a notch in the sine wave. A switching distortion, mixed into the AC.

The hum was only audible when I brought my ears right up against the tweeter. However, there was a certain "hardness" in the sound, too.

Like you, I just turn off those lights.
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Re: Ground buzz narrowed down to the tonearm on my Prime

Postby tony22 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:39 am

Wilson667 wrote:I have been dealing with a hum in my phono chain. I sorted out a ground loop caused by the integrated amp and phono pre being on different circuits. Now I have narrowed the remaining buzzing down to the tonearm and cartridge. I am looking for a little help and some things to try to get rid of the buzz.
With the phono pre on the buzz gets louder if I touch the tonearm lift or go near any of the wires. If the lemo connector is disconnected the buzzing stops altogether. I am not sure how to resolve the issue or what the problem even is. I would appreciate any help you all would be willing to give.

Or it could be the arm. If this is happening regardless of whether the cart is playing on a record or not, try (when the arm is on the arm rest) grounding the adjustment screw in the tonearm to some other ground point. The screw in the arm that adjusts the height of the arm relative to the pivot point. You may have to pop the black protective cap to get to it. I had a flawed 10" 3D arm that did a similar thing. When I grounded that adjust screw it went away. VPI did their usual stellar job and sent me a new arm to replace the wonky one.
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Re: Ground buzz narrowed down to the tonearm on my Prime

Postby gene9p » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:54 pm

my frustrating ground hum was being caused by the location of my Manley Chinook Phono stage to my pre amp or the table itself. I was rebuilding my rack after selling off some gear and when I had moved the Chinook the ground got lighter. Then locating it two shelves below the preamp and 3 below the table it was gone for good.
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