VTA issues TNT HR5

Re: VTA issues TNT HR5

Postby Brf » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:13 am

Andreas wrote:As you were saying the tonearm was too low, and the set screws on the platter was level.
i raised the set screws so much that the threads on the record clamp just was taking. And lowerd the female pivot point so that i have 1/8 inch between tonearm base and the dogleg.
I tried to move the brass screw under but it sat like welded.

Well it was a big improwment in sonics, now everyting is in place in the soundstage.
Im curious if it improves even more if i was able to raise the platter more?

Anyway Thank you so much for your guide.

I would do it. Raising the platter with a washer spacer is real easy and will take 30 seconds. You can even stack 2 washers if you need additional height.
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