Fatboy Owners, give us your thoughts

Re: Fatboy Owners, give us your thoughts

Postby Brf » Sat Jul 28, 2018 7:39 am

Johnny wrote:Thanks teenage diplomat, I did read your well thought out review and I appreciate your insight.

My dealer told me that the Fatboys are on back order (sold out), therefore, I thought there must be a lot of forum user who upgraded. So far, not many have chimed in.

Brf, 930Turbo, WntrMute, Letsmakeadeal et al...what say you??? Have you upgraded?

Sorry Johnny, I can’t help you as I have not seen or heard the Fatboy.
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Re: Fatboy Owners, give us your thoughts

Postby Letsmakeadeal » Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:38 pm


Not yet. I am not going to do so unless I see some credible evidence that they are superior. I expected the effective mass to be a lot higher than the 3DR, but based on what I have read so far it is about the same. I still don't think it looks finished. When I compare the Fat Boy to other similarly priced tonearms, I have a hard time justifying what I see.

The other thing is that my trusted dealer seems to have imploded on itself. I think Seth would have let me test drive one before I made an irreversible committment. I sent him emails about the trade-in program a few months back and never got any reply. I had been a very good SSD customer so I just figured they were very busy and I wasn't in any hurry..But from what I am now reading SSD is toast (burned toast). Supposedly Seth is gone? I am so bummed about this! If anyone knows what happened I would love to know.
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