Scout Jr. Static issue without mat

Re: Scout Jr. Static issue without mat

Postby mikedifr0923 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:45 am

Brf wrote:
mikedifr0923 wrote:Thanks everyone, appreciate it. I do wash the records, even the new ones, at least when I first get them. I might grab a zerostat and give that a try. I have seen a lot of praise regarding the funk firm and deerskin mats. May give one or both a try and see what I like better as far as sound goes. I am just not looking forward to adjusting the VTA if I add a mat.......just being lazy....I will figure it out

If you know the thickness of the mat, you can easily calculate the number of turns on the vta tower required to achieve the same stylus rake angle prior to introducing the mat. If you are not comfortable with the calc, just post the the mat's thickness and I will calc the adjustment for you.

So I went with a 2mm mat for now. Will worry about something thicker when I have to replace the cart and have the hifi place here do it all for me. I have seen mixed opinions on whether I need to adjust for the 2mm mat or not but if I go for it, how many turns would you recommend? Thanks!
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