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Postby mreeter » Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:31 pm

WntrMute wrote:
mreeter wrote:
10ovr wrote:Nice,,You are open enough in the rear not to get echo,, How dose it sound ???,,

To my ears, the room sounds very good, very quite with no reflections at all. The imaging is more pin-point, yet it still floats, if that makes sense :)

I'm going to make a new rack that will house the T.T., Phono Pre and the SDS, and locate it on a side wall. I'm thinking this will enhance the center imaging even more by lowering the height, and the amount of gear in the main rack.

I'm no expert but I think your speakers are far enough forward of your rack that you may not realize any benefit from lowering the rack. That said both turntables in my 2 systems are located on the sidewall.

WntrMute, The Dyns really throw the image behind them to the point that the vocals sound as if they are coming right out of the Turntable! The image is also a little high, as if you were sitting just below the stage.

I've experimented with moving the entire rack of gear to the sidewall, and also just the TT, Phono Pre and SDS, leaving my Linestage and CDP in a shorter rack still located in the center, close to the amps.

I can hear slight improvements in detail and clarity within the image in these configurations. I plan on permanently moving the Table to the side wall as soon as I acquire a good set of Interconnects in a 4-5 meter length, and get a new rack built.

This will happen when the weather turns to crap, too much Golf to play and too many Motorcycle rides to be had right now!

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