VPI 12" 3DR confirmed NO Carbon Fiber in design

Re: VPI 12" 3DR confirmed NO Carbon Fiber in design

Postby Brf » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:44 pm

JRM wrote:brf,

What do you define as a standard arm, the regular JMW arm (non 3d)? Thanks,


The three comparison arms are all 3-D printed.

Standard 12-3D arm with Discovery wire (matte finish)
Reference 12-3DR arm with Nordost Reference wire (carbon look)
Reference 12-3DR arm with Nordost Reference wire (gloss black)
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Re: VPI 12" 3DR confirmed NO Carbon Fiber in design

Postby JRM » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:50 pm

Thank you for the clarification.
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Re: VPI 12" 3DR confirmed NO Carbon Fiber in design

Postby husafreak » Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:12 pm

A pleasant Sunday morning read! I do not have a "dog in the hunt" here except as a prospective purchaser of a 9" 3D arm for my Scout 2. But would like to offer my 2 cents.
First, this is a great example of how a manufacturers user forum can work. I gained a greater understanding of how manufacturing and marketing work, and how marketing and advertising are very different than engineering and manufacturing! And it is amazing how quickly things get ugly in the marketing world and again how quickly they get civil in the engineering world. I also learned a lot about tonearms, thank you all.
Second, I really think the marketing unpleasantness could all be avoided if VPI would take some time to tell us, on their product page, just what the heck they are selling! VPI, please make your product page a useful resource for both consumers and retailers. We don't need engineering graphs but we do need accurate and useful descriptions. You really are creating more work for yourselves (and possibly losing business) by making it so difficult for us to get accurate information about your products.
I have been a VPI user since the late 80's. It was hard to get product info then and it still is. For example: I have had to resort to these forums, with no review available, and sending pictures of my Scout 2 and arm back and forth to dealers tech personnel, just to find out wether or not I can even use a 9" 3D arm on my table. It is for sale, why can't I see a product description telling me what it is and how it can be used? As usual, patience and dogged persistance are steering me to a conclusion, but it shouldn't have to be this hard. As one WAG put it, why don't you just buy one with a money back guarantee and see if it works? Yes, I'll just tell my wife (or anyone, LOL) that I am going to spend $1800 on a part for my turntable so I can find out if it works and what is is made of. Crazy, right? But that is where a lot of loyal VPI customers end up.
Just trying to be constructive. Thanks for your time ;)
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Re: VPI 12" 3DR confirmed NO Carbon Fiber in design

Postby tom collins » Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:22 pm

amen husa! vpi brings out new products almost weekly it seems, very hard to keep up. if VPI were a major company like Proctor and Gamble (or even Rega), this kind of error (the carbon fiber error) would be seismic. There would be law suits and recalls. Fortunately, even though they are a big fish now, this is still a cottage industry and most buyers (us) are forgiving. I hope we all stay forgiving.
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