Tru-Lift arm lifters & VPI Avenger

Re: Tru-Lift arm lifters & VPI Avenger

Postby Gary1955 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:25 pm

Carlo, I never said the Tru-lift is an exact copy of the Little Fwend. I said it is practically a copy, not exact. The mechanical properties of both appear very similar, down to the spring wire with its tiny protection ball to activate the lifting mechanism. You appear to be the manufacturer of the Tru-Lift based on your comments in your first sentence, your remarks should also be taken with a grain of salt when you refer to the Little Fwend. At least clearly identify yourself as the manufacturer. I don't mean to offend or upset you nor do I doubt that the Tru-Lift is a well-made product. I wanted to clarify my original comment as it was mis-stated by you.
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