Almost there!

Almost there!

Postby Mat » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:30 am

Hey all, we are entering the final few days before we close for the holidays! We have been working through the night and weekends (no seriously I feel like I live here at the moment) but will be closing up on the 20th and will be gone until January 5th. I like my gang to get some time away from me... I mean work... to recharge the batteries with their family.

That being said, even though the factory will be closed I'll still be hoping on the emails and will more than likely have more time for the forums, and getting caught up online. I have been spending a lot more time on the building floor then the office the past few weeks. Actually any "Super Prime Scout" (not a real VPI skew but it happened) and Black Friday Prime Scout was more than likely built or semi prepped by me 8-)

Feel free to let us know at if there are any pressing "before we close" things we need to resolve.
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