Room 1 - Life Style

Room 1 - Life Style

Postby Mat » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:06 am

Hey all, as things are starting to get back to normal after an intense travel schedule with the HW-40 I want to start to get more posts and information on the forum so we can all talk about it! First is I want to talk about the VPI House and the different listening rooms we have been creating for everyone to check out. I'm working on a blog post that will cover everything but to start I'm going to form a thread on each room (though this first one tech isn't a room) and the types of gear you would all like to see in each one over time.

The first room/system is right as you enter into the house. It is technically in a hallway and was created to be the "life style" system. This is for the listening who wants to spin their vinyl but might not necessary be a full on audiophile. Also isn't looking to spend too much time on setup nor do they potentially even care as much. Notice we have the speakers and turntable on the same table top. That is on purpose because people do that more often than you would expect! In this case we created a system with the Shinola Runwell, Transparent cables, the Shinola speakers made by Barefoot, and Isoaccoustics stands to go under the speakers.
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Re: Room 1 - Life Style

Postby Dorian » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:03 am

Looks good Mat. That is a solid looking table.
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