Fatboy Back Order

Re: Fatboy Back Order

Postby Mat » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:36 pm

Hey all, first sorry for being MIA again. Things have been rough with grandma. In and out of the hospitals so I haven't been doing too hot on social media and forums. Things are getting better so I hope to get back on here more again.

No we are not steel current orders for the 40th :) we always fill orders as we receive them. However, someone brought up a good point... get the order in and in with someone who you know put the order in with us. Unfortunately we have no idea of when a customer might have placed their order with their dealer, only when we get the order in from the dealer.

We do not have the printer in house. We are working with a very close friend/partner who actually was one of our original suppliers that helped us first produce the original JMW from back in the day. The printing process is long and can't be rushed. As Marc mentioned we have been selling through them faster than expected but we are continuing to make and ship them 8-)

We have been shipping Fatboys every week so get the orders placed and get your name on the list :)
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Re: Fatboy Back Order

Postby Brf » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:13 am

Peer Gynt wrote:They are 3D Printed. That means a machine makes them one at a time. Or an array of N machines makes them N at a time.

I suspect that they’re in the mode of making maybe 8 or fewer a day per machine. Depositing the polymer is not a super fast process, and the Fatboy takes more polymer than the regular model.

The fastest way to get one is to place an order with a reliable dealer.

Does VPI outsource tonearms? I’ve thought they were printing these in house, if for no other reason than to protect their intellectual property.

Actually, the Fatboy has less 3D components/construction than a regular JMW 3D tonearm, due to the fact that the only 3D printed construction is from the headshell to the bearing bell ferrule. The Fatboy requires a much more complex and precision assembly than the regular 3D tonearms due to the marrying of 3D printed armwand and stainless steel components. In addition, the Fatboy, being the pinnacle of the JMW line-up, must pass a much higher quality control standards before being released. These all cost time.
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Re: Fatboy Back Order

Postby Beck » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:40 pm

My dealer called today advising me that my 10 inch Fatboy shipped and will arrive next week. I placed my order four months ago. I'm excited!
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Re: Fatboy Back Order

Postby Dorian » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:00 pm

10ovr wrote:You also have to put in the mix 400 HW Anniversary TTs with Fat Boys on them ,,Do those come first ???

Harry is 400!?!?! He looks pretty good then, considering.
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