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Munich High Fi Show
I shared this post on facebook and wanted to do the same on here as well.

I still remember the morning of our last VPI Dealer training. Everyone was flying in, Bill Poteet and the team were getting the awards and everything organized for the dinner and than I got the notice on my phone about Munich being cancelled. In that moment I knew the world was about to come apart but we still had to get through this weekend of VPI partners from all over the world coming in. During the dinner I decided to live stream the event since I knew I wasn't going to be seeing my friends/family from overseas for a long time (and still haven't!) This also meant all product plans and preparation were about to go out the window.

2+ years later we finally got to Munich. I personally missed because of my family and my own concerns about travel... but VPI products finally had the proper product launch and presentation they deserved. The fact it went so well and we weren't physically there makes it even more impressive. How did this happen? Because of the amazing support, teamwork, and dedication by our partners. I use that word "partner" for them because they are not just "dealer/distributors" they go the next level and are in the trenches with us! They are part of VPI just as much as the person who first welcomes you at the door.

Thank you to John Carroll of Renaissance Audio who relentlessly drives me crazy for all the right reasons to challenge VPI to be the best company it can be.

Thank you to Bryan Moyano of Innovaciones Acusticas who is always ready to help and support no matter the situation. Also the first who purchased a Vanquish in the middle of the pandemic!

and a real big THANK YOU to Mansour, Thomas Wolff and everyone else at Audio Reference GmbH who took on VPI as a brand right before the start of the Pandemic and made one of our best experiences and representations at the High End Society a reality.

Of course a major thanks to our frontline team in New Jersey how wear their hearts on their sleeve and pour them into every VPI! The people are the most important part of any company and it is all made possible by Jane Weisfeld Claire Stroby Carla Delgado Morales, Tina Tassio, Bill Cai, Howard Stoppiello, Jan Kulyk, Andrew Zamora, Tom, Paul, and everyone else!

Anyone I missed, thank you as well for everything you do for VPI and bringing VPI products to another level!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Munich next year!

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