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New forum same prime upgrade question
Decided to upgrade the whole thing - did a prime signature 21 in black with the fatboy gimbaled arm and a cadenza bronze. As much as I like the rosewood I figured allocating that extra cash towards a cart is money better spent.
Someone's gonna be having fun!
I was talking to the wife about my thoughts of just upgrading the cart. I mentioned in passing about doing the table later.  She said just do it all now !
I pulled the trigger so fast before she said , on second thought. 
What a woman ! I am looking forward to it and can’t wait to try it all out
Do not let her go... and if she has a sister, I do not want to know... I am married...

Whoa listen to the music...

VPI Scoutmaster Refurbish, Prime Signature Motor (300 rpm), Prime Aluminum (20 lbs) Platter and Bearing, Delrin Record Clamp, JMW 9 3D Arm with Sumiko Blue Point No.2, Upgraded Classic Feet, Periphery Ring Clamp
I knew my wife was a keeper when, the first Christmas after we were married, she bought me a 16.5 record cleaning machine. That was in 1987. I still have the 16.5. And the wife. They both still work great.
2016 Prime with 2021 arm, dual pivot, HW-40 feet, Graham Slee Assension for Moving coil with Engima power supply, Sonic Euphioria autoformer preamp, NuPrime ST-10 power amp, Usher BE-718 speakers, PS Audio P-500 Power Plant  

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