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VPI Balanced XLR Junction Box
(05-03-2022, 10:12 PM)madrac Wrote: Not sure if there's a point to it, but I guess he could use XLR-RCA cables if he wants to pickup the VPI junction box.

There won’t be any performance difference between using rca only and xlr junction box with xlr/rca termination because your would float xlr pin 1 (ground), therefore, having the exact same connection as the rca connection.
(05-03-2022, 12:22 AM)Aurelio Wrote: I have an opportunity to purchases a used VPI Balanced XLR junction box with reference wiring for $300.  I have an Audio Research Reference Phono Stage 2SE.  Just a couple of questions that some of you folks may have an answer.

1. Will the VPI Balanced XLR junction box fit in a Classic Signature turntable?
2. Is $300 a fair price?
3. Sound improvement yes or no?


Yes, our XLR box will fit on any VPI table/armbase with a BLACK color junction back.  The earlier silver boxes are a bit different and will not work with our current junction boxes/the XLR.  We did have silver XLR junction boxes back in the day but it has been so long since anyone with a VPI that old whose has requested we discontinued it all together.

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