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Eardrum Flows Hot
Thanks, bh, I'm listening as I type! From the Survey:

"Because each recording was a "live one-shot-recording" and could not be edited, the skills required by each member of any musical act had to be very high, along with an immense level of focus required to complete a record. For this reason, SP records from this era contain a sense of fiery passion compared to more modern formats."

It's what I find most interesting about those old recordings.
Pat Metheny with Anna Maria Jopek.  Likely the only female singer that captures Pat's songs correctly.  

I'll post this in 3 parts since MyBB software only seems to allow a single video per post.  

Wikipedia: "Mystery Train" is a song written and recorded by American blues musician Junior Parker in 1953. Originally performed in the style of a Memphis blues or rhythm and blues tune, it was inspired by earlier songs and later became a popular rockabilly song, as first covered by Elvis Presley, then numerous others.

The original by Junior Parker

The Elvis Presley version, 1955.

And, for better or worse, my favorite version which was the first version I had ever been exposed to.  Strange how you learn the history of songs well after they were written.  This is UFO from 1980. 

Great album, although my copy refuses to be cleaned.  What a pain it is to get great tunes only to have to listen to a recording of Cal Tjader backed by the Mold Release Compound Allstars.   Tongue

"...refuses to be cleaned."

Have you considered a cleaning service? I've never tried one -

"Mystery Train" is such a great tune!
Good idea.  Thanks!

Outside of the different frequencies that company uses for ultrasonic, I have it covered.  Personally, I think my copy would put them out of business...  Sick

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