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VPI Prime Pivot Point Height
I made this adjustment tonight.

(04-05-2022, 09:36 AM)Brf Wrote: Based on a conversation with HW, the FB Uni pivot factory settings are as follows:

Pivot spike (exposed) = 0.595”
Female Bearing Cup (inserted depth) = 0.375”

The relationship between the spike and bearing defines the fulcrum which will affects the arm’s centre of gravity (mass distribution)

Can't comment on a significant change in sound - certainly no worse. Adjusting the spike/cup as described above does make the VTA adjustment range better, FWIW.

Thanks y'all!
As usual, BRF has nailed the dimensions for the uni-pivot. Set the tonearm female bearing so the bottom of the azimuth ring is roughly 3/16" above the base and you will be set.

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